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There are not many places on the Earth like this one. Valleys of big rivers have been populated in our country since ancient history. People have cut down forests and changed them to fertile fields. They bound rivers in concrete beds to protect their land from floods that they caused to themselves by deforestation. Remnants of a true river landscape thus can be very rarely found today. This is one of such places.

The Litovelske Pomoravi Protected Landscape Area was established in 1990 on the area of 96 km2. It is located in a 3 – 8 km wide strip of land along the Morava River between the cities of Olomouc and Mohelnice and is composed mainly of flood-plane forests and wet meadows habitats. The ancient city of Litovel lies in the heart of the region and gave the area its name. The entire area belongs to the Olomouc County and former districts of Olomouc and Sumperk. The mission of the PLA is to ensure appropriate protection and environmental-friendly uses of the alluvial landscape with exceptional natural values.

The core of the PLA and the main natural phenomenon of the area is the ”inland river delta” – naturally meandering course of the Morava River with its branches and tributaries – followed by complexes of flood-plane forests, wet alluvial meadows and wetlands. Tresin, a karst area with famous publicly accessible caves, and Doubrava, an area of upland deciduous forests, represent the other two parts of the PLA. Marginal pieces of agricultural land and built up areas are as well included in the PLA in order to even out its border.

The PLA mission can be seen above all in (1) nature conservation and landscape protection in an extraordinarily valuable area; (2) securing ecologically optimal land-use and exploration of natural resources while restoring landscape values and typical character of the region.

The PLA thus has an important task to create and preserve ecologically optimal functions of the landscape together with nature conservation itself. Methods of active ecosystem management and landscape stewardship are preferably applied in the PLA. Litovelske Pomoravi is an area that has always been influenced by human activities. Thanks to wisdom of our ancestors and their sensitive approach to the landscape, large amount of rare natural values has been preserved in a fairly small area. The aim of the PLA is to maintain this balanced character of cultural landscape in alluvial planes with natural streams, forests and meadows, and to continually improve its ecological functions.

Litovelske Pomoravi has a special position among other protected landscape areas in the CR. It was one of the last founded PLA and due to its area of 96 km2 belongs to the smallest ones in the country. However, establishing the Litovelske Pomoravi PLA represented one of the first important steps towards systematic protection of nature in alluvial planes of large rivers. So far, most of the large-scale protected areas included mountain landscape only.

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